bluWave Airlines
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The management of bluWave Airlines would like to welcome you to one of the newest, most fun, and most relaxed virtual airlines in the community that we have today. Originally founded in Autumn 2010, bluWave Airlines first began its operation out of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport with four (4) Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, serving seven (7) destinations with twenty (20) flights a day. Almost a year later, we now serve eleven (11) destinations with five (5) aircraft, more than doubling the size of our infrastructure with over forty (40) flights being flown per day.

Conceived with the thought in mind in which pilots would be provided with a certain amount of realism, while at the same time enabling them to enjoy themselves among many others, bluWave Airlines strives to provide its pilots with the most enjoyable experience possible by delivering them with an environment in which they can easily communicate with other pilots while taking their understanding of flying to the next level. With our top-notch flight planning tools, ever-expanding route structure and numerous of pilot benefits, bluWave Airlines keeps flying not only in the air, but in each member's heart as well. And whether or not you enjoy long hauls across the country or a few quick hops between cities along the coast, bluWave Airlines will be here to meet both expectations.

We are a fast growing airline and are proud of who we are. Apply today!

Recent Hires
United States Roman Geber
Netherlands Justin Van Tuil
United Kingdom Tom Smith
Australia Johnathon Neilsen

Recent Promotions
Connor Levens Senior Captain
Oliver Cooksey First Officer